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For more than 25 years Champcraft has provided educational and practice material with the same simple goal in mind!

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What we offer!

Current Events practice tests

These beneficial, relevant and current practice tests are definitely helpful for contest preparation, however, they are also a handy addition to any secondary social studies class or journalism class. Providing another means of keeping students informed in an information driven age is yet another benefit of Champcraft material.

Social Studies Practice Tests

These high quality tests are actually written by a former Texas UIL state contest director. All tests based on the most current state topic and written in a format similar to those used in actual contests.

Order includes six tests total.

Literary Criticism Practice Tests

Literary Criticism practice tests featuring questions designed to prepare students for competition. General issues related to the subject as well as designated reading will be covered.

Order includes six tests total.

Speech / Debate Material

Lincoln-Douglas Debate, CX / Policy Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, Current Events Testing and more: Champcraft has been supplying schools and students with quality practice material since 1992. One of our primary goals is to provide students with a better opportunity of success in competition.

Two primary objectives guide us KEEP IT SIMPLE and MAKE IT RELEVANT!

We publish handbooks related to both policy (CX) and Lincoln Douglas (LD) debate

Also available; practice extemporaneous speaking topics based on a broad range of subjects, (state, national and international) and reflecting current issues


All practice tests, study guides and handbooks are sent electronically so please provide an email address with all new orders