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Topic Specific Handbooks : Affirmative and Negative


Champcraft offers a set of CX handbooks centering on the 2018-2019 immigration topic and built around STOCK ISSUES. The Affirmative book contains ready-to-use cases, support evidence, briefs designed to anticipate arguments specific to each case, responses to common generic arguments, basic topicality violations, and answers to fundamental disadvantages. The Negative book includes ready-to-run disadvantages with evidence and extensions, a collection of unique topicality violations, briefs on stock issues covering inherency, solvency, significance and harm information, and briefs designed for line-by-line analysis and argument to use against basic affirmative cases.


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This text stresses the essentials of laying the proper groundwork for a successful debate career, starting with the basic concepts of competitive debate. Features include skill development and the art of persuasion. The chapters also cover the following topics plus more.


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